Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Tis the Season

Ahh yes, the bright sunny season of Summer has sauntered it's salacious self into our schedules. No more are the whining masses bitching about the cold and the wind and the freezing rain, the snow and sleet, wearing too many clothes just to be cold AND uncomfortable. It's funny, really, how all winter long everyone bitches and complains about winter and the cold (I too am of this camp) and then stays inside on their computers when it's finally nice enough to go for a walk in just a shirt and pantaloons.
Unfortunately, there are responsibilities that come with Summer/Spring/Late Spring that cannot be avoided: namely, school is over and I'm out of money.
This is a bummer for me namely because I enjoy school, such as it is, and have tons of free time to do things like write in my blog (which I forget to do), write stories (which I do in short bursts separated by long washes of nothingness), and do all the other bullshit associated with trying to make it in this crazy-mixed up world (that part means literally nothing). In other words, I was free to laze about and do what I wanted, which for the most part was procrastinate.
Now, however, is crunch time. It's final/study time here in Weskerland and so the next week or so (well, two weeks) are going to be kind of filled with hateful studying and paper-writing. I say hateful only because papers are no fun. Literally. That suck the joy from a person like the vacuum of space (I don't think that made sense). I also need a job, I need income, I need to pay my phone bill, my rent, my utilities and I need it pronto.
What all this means is that until I get a job, the story-publishing thing is going to have to take a backseat. I have two stories I need to edit for the future, but for now I'm doing that after I get all my daily bullshit done (namely, searching for jobs, writing papers and studying). I still want to work on them, but for now they're not a priority.

I do have half-hopes that by the time the middle of May rolls around I'll have another story up on Amazon and I'll be well on my way through the third story and maybe even starting to figure out the coding process for the collection I wanted to put together (it'll probably be $9.99 for the book, so I can maybe pay a bill if five people buy it). There are a number of other hurdles with promotion that I have yet to even really examine--simply because I've been bogged down with this job search thing.

So, to make it short and simple: Though I wanted to publish another story this week, I can't because I have been doing other, more important stuff and this trend will most likely continue until the middle of May. I'll still try to publish a few things on here (at least one a week) as I do have a couple of things rattling around in my head article-wise, but the real stuff (my art if you want to be pretentious about it) my not be visible for a bit while I get my shit together.

So, if you're looking to talk to me, I still have the same old E-mail, the same old Facebook, the same old Twitter, all that bullshit. If you haven't bought my story and would like to, it's on Amazon. If you'd like to help out this blog you can click some of the Ads that are all over it (I want to set up a Donate/Paypal thing but again, this takes time). If you have a job opportunity, by all means let me in on it, and finally if you have just won the lottery and want to send me the winning ticket e-mail me so I can send you my new address.

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