Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why I am Sick of James Cameron

God am I sick of hearing about the Avatar "experience."

I don't care how special the effects are, or how groundbreaking Cameron's new explosions are, I don't care. And I'm certainly not spending 15+ bucks just to discover the CGI film of the century has a plot that adds up to an age-old hackneyed "walk in my shoes" plot that was old and tired after Dances with Wolves.

Tell me, why is it that movie-makers use the same plot point in ever fucking film featuring another culture? Dances with Wolves, as previously stated, is a good movie with a good message easily visible in every post-western Native American film this side of The Last of The Mohicans, not to mention shitty Tom Cruise samurai movies.

The bad guys are exploiting (or planning to exploit) an easily-offended, simple culture of (Native Americans, Indians, Aliens, Asians, Africans) wherever. Insert poster boy who is just another guy, doing his duty. He's sent into enemy territory and wait for it--turns sides! Just like every cameo, sidekick and rogue/good guy/bad guy from Rocky Sullivan in Angels with Dirty Faces to Motherfucking Han Solo in motherfucking Star Wars has ever done in great and shitty movie alike. Oh, wow, gee, Jimmy! Way to cash in on one of the oldest characters in the known universe. Not only that, but you spent the most money to do it, and the creatures you spent billions of dollars on (when you weren't CGIing more explosions than Michael Bay) still look like fucking cartoons.

What happened to the Cameron I grew up with, the one I knew and loved? The one who took Alien and made it into a crazy-slick action movie and pretty much reinvented the science fiction action genre? Or what about how he created The Terminator and then made a sequel that is still jaw-dropping to new faces everywhere? I've never been more afraid of checkered tile in my life than after watching that movie for two hours.

But we saw what happened to those, didn't we? Aliens turned into a love triangle between an android, a clone and a hideous alien/human thing beyond understanding.


Not to mention the way Cameron allowed the studio system to ravage the unconscious teenage body of The Terminator into a ridiculous venture into what I guess was supposed to be some sort of Philip K. Dick storyline that failed because--oh yeah--there was no effort at all in making a movie that was more than a Christian Bale vehicle that caused a meltdown of Chris Bown v Rihanna proportions.

And who can forget the ten-hour borefest of Titanic, the biggest movie on the planet for most of my teen years, where the highlights were Kate Winslet topless and the last fade to black that finally showed that this was one turd that could flush. Not to mention the Academy slurping on Jimmy's own fat, wet, sinking CGI cruise ship, and burying the needle on the "fuck integrity" meter and going for the ratings bump.

Oh, did I mention Avatar has been nominated for 4 Golden Globes? It's true. And it'll probably win, because the Golden Globes are voted on by foreign press people who rarely have anything to do with film itself, they just review them. So, in other words, if you want to someone who has no idea what you go through for a role to vote on whether or not your movie was any good, proudly encourage the Golden Globes. Who gives a fuck what a bunch of foreign press hollywood reviewers think? Do I get to give out an award because I have an opinion about movies? Where's my Golden Globe for "calling the Hollywood Foreign Press" out on their bullshit?

However, if you'd like to get a real award from people who are actually in the business you're in and have some kind of clue as to what the fuck you were doing, go for the Academy, who will snub you anyway, until they're worried you might die before they congratulate you on movies that were amazing over twenty years ago. So either way, if you make quality pictures, you're fucked.

But in walks Cameron, who if you don't remember, proved that Jesus Christ lived and died a little while ago, and will probably slay at the awards this year for another useless epic we'll all wonder how we liked five years from now. Take it, Jim, and eat shit.

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